It was one long weekend when I decided to lớn binge-watch on this drama & be amused on how Jo In Sung still looks as charming after all these years. I’ve loved him then (from Memories of Bali, The Classic, even in his courageous role in Frozen Flower) và realized that I still vì chưng up to now.

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While the poster may seem that it is another rom-com lớn watch for, the story line actually talks about one of the pressing concerns of our society today – mental health. How we know little of it & how we can try to lớn understand better.

Two flawed people helping each other heal the wounds of their past. Seems lượt thích a basic premise but it’s a story which depicts that LOVE, while it comes with happiness, sweetness & belongingness, can also bring grief, sadness và isolation.

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I watch K-dramas to lớn de-stress but this one has a few heart-wrenching episodes that I cannot skip on, much as I want to. I had to lớn ditch the need khổng lồ feel an overdose of kilig so I can empathize with the character of Jang Jae-yeol (Jo InSung) and his painful past. How it lead lớn his brokenness, how he dealt with it và on how LOVE played a role lớn patch things up again in his life.

Prior to watching this series, I’ve never seen any works of Gong Hyo Jin. Admittedly, I know very little of her aside from being Gong Yoo‘s close friend. Needless lớn say, she gained another fan in me after finishing all the episodes in 3 days. I couldn’t think of any other actress who can give so much charm, wit and depth khổng lồ the character of Ji Hae-soo but her. She’s a natural và extraordinary at that.

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Since it was aired way back in 2014, I came across familiar faces from K-drama land completing the cast. There’s my favorite ahjussi from Ssangmundong Sung Dong-il (as Jo Dong-min). It also starred the ever hilarious Lee Kwang Soo (as Park Soo-kwang) of Running Man in his most serious role. There’s also the stunning Lee Sung Kyung (as Oh So-nyeo) in her pre-Kim Bok Joo days. Và the biggest revelation of this series, EXO’s bởi vì Kyung-soo và his noteworthy portrayal of Han Kang Woo. Proving that he is not just another pretty face of K-pop but a remarkable actor too.

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The overall story, perfect casting và perfect choice of songs for its official soundtrack deserved it a spot in my vị trí cao nhất 10 All-Time Favorite Korean Dramas. If you haven’t seen it, I suggest that you do.

Learn more about love & how it is not just a momentary feeling but an enduring journey for everyone.


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